Towards Day Zero

Deus ex machina. The only thing that has saved Cape Town, the famed tourist destination in South Africa, from endless queues for drinking water at least immediately is nothing but divine intervention. Rains in catchments of its drinking water reservoirs...

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Hide and seek

Discipline and integrity were supposed to be the hallmarks of the bureaucracy when, 70 years ago, India stepped into its new era of freedom and democracy. Those nice, heart-warming perceptions have, however, evaporated over time. India’s bureaucracy is seen as...

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Nepal’s Oli

Nepal’s relations with India have not been seeing the best of times. This has been so ever since the exit of King Birendra, the ‘benevolent’ king who maintained very close and brotherly relations with its southern neighbour. Birendra’s assassination in...

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Leaky board

The leak of question papers set by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for its Class X and XII final assessment has exposed an open secret. The only more worrying thing about the current episode is the grand scale...

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