Kerala drowns

Kerala is the latest target to face Nature’s fury. Monsoon had always been a time of rejuvenation for that state. The luxuriant foliage and unique shades of green exclusive to Kerala burst forth best during monsoon. This year, however, monsoon rains have brought upon the...

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Rupee sinks

The rupee’s troubles just do not seem to end. The currency experienced a fresh low of 70.20 per dollar – an all-time low Thursday. After opening sharply lower, it extended its fall and depreciated as much as 42 paise to hit intraday all time low...

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Innovate India

Indian technology has always had many a detractor, and for good reason. We may have past glory to gloat about, of Aryabhatta being the inventor of the Zero (the basis of all computing today), or of Sanskrit being found to be the best language for...

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Adieu Naipaul

Curtains fell on the extraordinary life of Vidyadhar Surajprasad Naipaul. He had sketched times and characters through his over 30 books with exemplary ease and classic literary touch. Although Naipaul is of Indian descent, he was in no way an Indian. And his books that...

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Ills of referendum

Nations usually don’t directly take decisions. Democratic nations decide what they are to do through agents — meaning legislators. In places where the executive is elected directly, like the United States, the potential decision maker announces his or her intent to do such and such...

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End of an era

The Dravidian-centric southern politics is in for a rude shock. With the demise of DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi Tuesday evening, the generational shift in Tamil Nadu politics is just about complete. The demise of another towering leader J Jayalalithaa in December 2016 had dealt a...

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Judge’s plight

The supposed sanctity of Indian judiciary has taken a major hit over the issue of appointment of Justice KM Joseph as a Supreme Court judge. With the Supreme Court collegium and the Union Government taking conflicting stands on the elevation of Joseph from being the...

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