Rights upheld

In 1950, British scientist Alan Turing developed something we call the Turing Test. It determines the ability of a computer to show intelligent behaviour. Turing’s test required a human to observe a natural text conversation between a human and a machine (such as on a...

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Revamping green laws

It is the final leg of the current Indian government’s tenure, which began in 2014. As the general elections loom, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has gone into hyperactive mode over the past year, proposing a major overhaul of the country’s environmental laws that...

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All pain, no gain

Santosh Kumar Mohapatra Santosh Kumar Mohapatra The slugfest over the efficacy of demonetisation has ended with RBI’s annual report 2017-18 proving that demonetisation was a farce. While announcing demonetisation, the prime minister had promised the nation that with the move, problems...

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