Curtains down on Konark dance fest

Bhubaneswar: The five-day long Konark Festival in the open-air Auditorium with the majestic Sun Temple at the backdrop concluded Tuesday.
The valedictory evening witnessed the touching Mohiniattam in its rejuvenated form. Renowned exponent Dr Kanak Rele and disciples in Nalanda Dance Research Centre presented superb choreography which started with invocatory Ganapati Prayer. It was followed by Ritu Duruva, presenting the cycle of seasons based on Natya Sastra. The next recital was Chandan Charchita, the famous Asthapadi from Geeta Govinda. The concluding piece was Jeeva set to ecstatic choreographic pattern. The dance drama in Odissi Ripu Parinama was staged to the appreciation of one and all.
The choreography depicted six enemies of human beings namely Kama-Lust, Krodha-Anger, Lobha-Avarice, Moha-attachment, Mada-Pride, Mascharya-Jealousy which made the great kings of the mythology face their doom. The International Sand Art Festival was also declared closed and the participating artistes from the country and abroad were felicitated on the occasion.


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