Dog saves 3 lives fighting with viper, dies of snakebite

Baripada: In yet another affirmation that dog is indeed man’s best friend, a Pomeranian valiantly fought off an attack from a viper, killing it and thus saving the lives of three of its family members. However, the dog too subsequently died of the injuries that it sustained in the fight. 

The incident occurred at Darogadihi village here Monday. The dog, known as Jack (2), fought the reptile with all its might and died after being repeatedly stung by the latter, family members told this newspaper.
News of the incident spread like wildfire in the town with hundreds of locals thronging the place. The incident occurred at the house of child artiste and national award winner Animesh Ghosh.

A viper tried to slither inside the house from the backyard when Jack who was nearby noticed it. Jack waylaid the reptile and first tried to drive it away by barking at it. However, the reptile instead tried to make its way inside the house and attacked Jack.
Meanwhile, Animesh’s mother Sujata who was inside the kitchen rushed to the backyard upon hearing the repeated barks of the dog. She was stunned to find the dog fighting with the snake and informed her neighbours and snake helpline members.

Jack soon collapsed at the spot after being stung by the snake while the latter lay hurt after being mauled by the dog. The dog was rescued in a critical condition and was admitted to the district veterinary hospital where it succumbed to its wounds due to a reported delay in starting treatment.

The death of the dog triggered a pall of gloom in the area as Animesh mourned the death of Jack. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he said the dog laid down his life saving the lives of three persons in the family including his. PNN

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