Don’t want to have free time: Elizabeth

Los Angeles: Actress Elizabeth Olsen doesn’t like having “free time” because she has a strong work ethic and loves to keep herself busy by filming one production after another.
“I really love working. I think that’s also part of the problem, because I don’t want to have free time. I like to go from one film to the next with just maybe a week or two in between, because that’s all I really need to decompress,” Olsen told, reports
The “Avengers: Age of Ultron” star says she was very keen to throw herself into every project that came her way when she first embarked on a career in the entertainment industry, although her excitement meant she didn’t make “discerning decisions”. She said: “I think I just got a little excited at the beginning, and I wasn’t making the most discerning decisions.
“I think the first, I would say, four or five years of working, I was just so excited to be working. I was excited to do every kind of movie. I wasn’t thinking, really, about the producers or the directors, the DP. My mind didn’t work in that way. I wasn’t even thinking about, ‘What’s a creative arc that I want to create for myself?’ That has altered and that has changed,” Olsen added. 



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