Back to school

For schoolchildren, summer vacations certainly are the most awaited given that they are the longest. And why not? After all, vacations are a welcome break for them from homework and rising early in the morning. Not only children, even parents, especially mothers, eagerly wait for...

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Yoga Can Help You Sleep

Overworked, overstimulated, overstressed. It’s no wonder that in our culture insomnia is so prevalent—so many of us just don’t know how to slow down, unwind, and prepare our bodies and minds for a night of rest. While yoga and meditation are not magical cures for...

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Benefits of laughter yoga

One of the most motivating factors for people to join Laughter Yoga Clubs is the belief in the multiple health benefits they will derive from it. It is not about the concept or the philosophy which attracts them; eventually it is only about what they...

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