Joy of sharing

It is said that you can see God in kids as their souls are pure, says Kajal Singh Rajput, the founder of Unseen Happiness, a group of young philanthropists who work for the children of various orphanages. The group believes that every child deserves a...

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A passion for birding

Quite early in his career, software engineer Manoj Sahoo chose to tread a different path. TheBhubaneswar-based techie gave up his job in IT to follow his passion for photography and conservation.For the last 10 years, Manoj has been clicking bird and motorsports pictures,winning several awards....

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A war that changed the world

A Peek into the Past About 104 years ago, a Serbia nationalist triggered the Great War that left nearly 40 million people dead and another 23 million wounded. Historians attribute the war to imperialism, militarism, alliances among world powers and hardcore nationalism. But the immediate...

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