Gandhi and Einstein

While replying a question on atom bomb in 1952, Einstein had declared, “I have been a pacifist all my life and regard Gandhi as the only truly great political figure of our age”. Wall of his study at his home adorned four portraits. These portraits...

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Reduce consumption to save Earth

The disastrous impacts of global warming are beginning to appear live and clear especially in the frequent occurrence of extreme weather events. The main culprit is carbon emissions. But controlling this is difficult because the leaders fail to recognise the inherent conflict between unending increase...

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How good is Tejas?

The MiG-21 has been in the news again – for all wrong reasons. That aircraft has been the mainstay of the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) air combat capability for decades. However, current developments bring in focus the urgency of developing and deploying its replacement –...

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Decoding the Nirav Modi case

The story of Nirav Modi leading a rather comfortable life in London appears to have galvanised Indian authorities into action. Reports now say the CBI has sought his immediate arrest and a UK warrant could be only weeks away. The swift response after the UK...

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Extreme swings of justice

Supreme Court’s judgement delivered March 5, 2019 has rather shaken the people’s confidence on our judicial system. Supreme Court’s acquittal of eight convicts, who were sentenced to death by the trial courts, the concerned high courts and even the apex court itself, has exposed serious...

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Thoughts on Women’s Day

As the real issues of acute rural distress and rising unemployment in India seem to have given way to the narrative of narrow nationalism, one wonders whether women empowerment has been consigned to the dustbin of our political discourse. This has gained traction with the...

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