22 workers detained in AP kiln

Bargarh: As many as 22 members of six families of Tora village on the outskirts of this town are learnt to have been detained at a brick kiln in Rajahmundry of Andhra Pradesh.

Twenty four workers of the village had gone there to work, but two of them – Amij Nag and Chhabin Chhatria – managed to escape from the clutches of their employer and lodged complaints with the administration as well as the police.

As their pleas didn’t evoke any response, the two appeared before the Collector in the latter’s grievance cell Monday and urged the officials to rescue the detained labourers.

In the absence of Collector Indramani Tripathy, deputy collector Sidheswar Nayak received their petitions.

According to reports, three labour contractors – Subarao, A Krishna and N Janu – came to Tora in November last year and lured the residents into working in a brick kiln in Andhra Pradesh.

They promised good wages to the labouers. Tempted by the offer, 24 people belonging to six families, left for Rajahmundry.

However, their ordeal started once they reached there. The workers were tortured physically and mentally instead of being provided with the promised remuneration.

Failing to endure the torture, Amij and Chhabila managed to escape in January this year and lodged a written complaint with Bargarh Town police.

On being asked by the police, the two also apprised the officials of the district labour office of the plight of the labouers. However, they didn’t get any relief.

Aggrieved, they lodged a petition with the Collector.

Amij’s wife Gamani and 14-year-old son Suraj and Chhabila’s wife Urbashi and two sons – Tinku (17) and Dayasagar (19) – are among the detainees, the duo said.

Appropriate measures would be taken to rescue the detained labourers, deputy collector Nayak said.   PNN

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