Boudh boy invents auto gear cycle

Kantamal: Akash Kumar Meher, 24, of Mankadachuan village under this block in Boudh district, has put together an auto gear cycle that runs on solar energy. The cycle can run at a speed of 25km per hour.

Akash, the son of Tapan Meher, an employee of Boudh cooperative bank, is the youngest among the two brothers. Akash studied science at Bhubaneswar-based Debray College.

Later, he went to Delhi to prepare for civil services but soon returned after his father’s ill health began to worsen. During his stay in Delhi, he had seen electric auto rickshaws and was fascinated by them. Since then, he was working a project to build an auto gear cycle.

After much hardship, Akash managed to develop the cycle. Built at a cost of Rs 15,000, the cycle can run at a speed of 25km per hour. “During cloudy seasons, it can go up to 4km. Moreover, it can carry a weight upto 150 kg,” he exclaimed.

He hopes to develop solar four-wheelers but has no funds. He urged the government and non-government organizations to come forward and help him in his innovation.  PNN

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