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Only crocodile tears

Debashish Mitra The government says it will double farmer incomes on one hand and on the other when it is required to make a choice between increasing farmer incomes and protecting the urban consumer, the decision favours the urban consumer at the cost of the...

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Aryan invasion: Fact or fiction?

Jayakrishna Sahu On September 5, Professor Vasant Sindhe, senior archaeologist and vice-chancellor of Deccan College, Pune, Vaghesh Narasimham and David Reich of Harvard Medical School, and Niraj Rai, head of the Ancient DNA Laboratory of the Birbal Sahani Institute of Palaeosciences, has once again exposed...

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Mirage of a cut

Santosh Kumar Mohapatra The decision of the government to cut corporate tax rate is being hailed as a big structural reform. It was dubbed as the most significant corporate tax reform after GST, and described as a bold move by economists and corporate honchos. But...

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Book that you should be writing

Sudha Devi Nayak Toni Morrison, one of the titans of literature strode the literary world with a firm step in a media-ridden world of distraction and consumerism. Yet her novels proved resilient, raising the novel to a cultural status. Admired by fellow writers, college students...

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Missing links in rate cut

SN Misra After a series of knee-jerk measures to reform the fiscal sector, such as bank mergers and liberal FDI, the finance minister has taken the big leap forward; she announced reduction in corporate tax from 34.94 per cent (including surcharge and cess) to effective...

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Lessons from failures of ISRO

Chandrayaan-2 cannot be called a failure despite the setback in soft-landing a craft on the Moon. ISRO lost contact with its Moon lander Vikram September 7 as the craft approached the lunar surface, and was about 400 metres to touchdown. ISRO has dropped attempts to...

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Alternative now essential

Dhanada K Mishra A 3-year-old girl at the central harbour-front in Hong Kong and a 95-year-old Gandhian activist at Master Canteen square in Bhubaneswar stood among a comparatively small gathering in solidarity with the children of the world to save their future. It was a...

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PDS access countrywide

Sanjeeb Panigrahi The Public Distribution System (PDS) had received great thrust in India’s socio-economic policy even before Independence. The idea behind the system stemmed from accountability of the government to ensure that its citizens have access to food through its vast network of fair price...

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Coping with slowdown

Santosh Kumar Mohapatra Normally, to extricate an economy from recession or slowdown, governments adopt expansionary macroeconomic policies. They increase money supply, reduce cost of credit by lowering interest rate, enhance government spending, and decrease taxes to stimulate demand. Better liquidity and lower interest rate are...

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