Follow these diets to lose weight easily

London: Overweight adults who follow the Mediterranean, intermittent fasting and paleo diets can accrue weight loss and other health benefits, suggests new research. Intermittent fasting - whereby participants limit their energy intake to about 25 per cent of their usual diet (500kcal for women and...

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Here boys do not marry virgin girls

Marriage is considered one of the most sacred ceremonies and its rituals differ from place to place. You must have heard a number of weird things and practices on marriage but today we will tell you something new which have been seen in Micronesian island...

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Include yogurt in your diet to cut breast cancer risk

London: Eating natural yogurt daily may lesson breast cancer risk owing to lactose fermenting bacteria which reduces inflammation triggered by harmful bacteria, say researchers. Yoghurt contains beneficial lactose-fermenting bacteria commonly found in milk, similar to the bacteria -- or microflora 00 found in the breasts...

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Eat bananas everyday to combat heart diseases

Bananas contain a significant amount of resistant starch, a type of indigestible carbohydrate that functions like fiber. It not only helps in filling the stomach but also strengthens metabolism. Banana is very beneficial for health. Many nutritional elements and vitamins are found in it, which...

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