Hate crimes are not only continuing but also increasing in India. The latest of them has been reported from Assam. It is reported that a man, a Moslem, was accused of transporting beef, heckled and forced to eat pork. The incident reported from Biswanath, however,...

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Loss of credibility

The Income Tax (IT) Department has become super active and is on an attack mode now. While election process is on, IT sleuths are busy investigating and raiding homes and offices of leaders of different political parties. Some people connected to certain leaders of opposition...

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Meaningless message

There is some confusion about the meaning of the message sent by LK Advani to Narendra Modi through his blog. The former Deputy Prime Minister and former BJP president wrote a farewell blog a few days after his safe seat in Gandhinagar (which he has...

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More pain in Kashmir

Closure of the Srinagar-Jammu highway is inflicting more pain on an already alienated state. Reports suggest that the ban on civilian traffic on the National Highway connecting Baramulla and Udhampur on Sundays and Wednesdays till May 31 is bound to adversely affect business and cause...

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Bagful of goodies

Election manifestos seem to have lost their relevance over the years for the simple reason that most promises made in them by virtually all parties and their leaders often do not get mentioned at all during the following five year term and remain on paper...

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Going overboard

It is one thing to bring to light the audacious actions of the country’s armed forces and their capabilities, and quite something else entirely to use them as props for political ends. Using the achievements of the armed forces, which often come at the cost...

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Big Brother has big data

From today, April 1, 2019, the Income Tax Department of the country officially begins using big data analytics — jargon for virtually looking at taxpayers’ private information without their knowledge or consent — to look for tax evasion. It is the latest addition in the...

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Bridging the gap

In a few months, my term as the head of a large non-governmental organisation comes to an end. I thought I should write about the sector and inform readers of the things that I learned and discovered in my four years of doing the work....

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Political googly

Two weeks before the general elections 2019 kick off, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has announced, if voted to power, his party will provide Rs6,000 per month to 50 million poorest families of the country. This is the largest handout ever announced by a political party...

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Aaya Rams, Gaya Rams

The term Aaya Ram, Gaya Ram was most probably born in Haryana in the 1980s. It is said that Bhajan Lall, the then Chief Minister of that State had defected en masse with his whole flock of MLAs from the Janata Party and joined the...

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