Fiona Diamonds endorses creation of responsible jewellery

Their collection includes geometrical and floral patterns

Fiona Diamonds is among the most trusted jewellery brands that have brought the concept of luxury to every consumer segment. It believes in creating responsible jewellery. This means producing jewellery that has a less harmful effect on the environment. The brand trusts that the beauty and luxury associated with jewellery can be enhanced if there is an attempt to reduce the negative impact on our planet.

The brand has been creating beautiful jewellery using lab-grown diamonds and moissanite stone. The idea behind this is that although we cannot completely stop mining as the livelihood of millions of people depend on it, this can be balanced by introducing the combination of lab-grown stones and naturally mined stones.

Fiona Diamonds is one of the very few brands that create a luxury collection using lab-grown diamonds and gemstones. They have recently come up with their new collections for the new year and wedding season. The collections include both modern regular wear jewellery that matches the taste of the modern generation on one side and a bridal collection that has been created taking care of new era women’s choice. This includes pastel colours in geometrical and floral patterns. This is a one-of-a-kind high jewellery creations, pieces that are suitable for both day and night time.

From the time of its inception, Fiona Diamonds have been endorsing the concept of sustainable luxury in the jewellery segment. The vision was to create jewellery that is as beautiful and exclusive as naturally mined diamonds but at the same time is within reach of every section and has some positive message associated with it.

Brand’s Co-Founder Parag Agrawal has researched dedicatedly to find an alternative for diamonds that is not only expensive but is mined on a large scale to fulfil the ever-increasing demand. As the world population is growing at a fast rate, there should be conscious thought given behind increased demand and dependency of the jewellery industry on diamonds that results in an increased rate of mining as well. Parag is one of the few persons who have introduced moissanite to the Indian jewellery market.

The kind of growth Fiona Diamond has experienced in the previous few years is proof that Indian buyers have wholeheartedly accepted Parag Agrawal’s effort. Fiona is one of the few brands that provide jewellery made of lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and naturally mined diamonds under one roof.

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