13 men committed suicide because this princess with a mustache rejected them

Have you at any point seen a princess with a mustache? So, here comes the majesty with mustache.

Anis l-Doleh was the most qualified princess in the nineteenth century, and regardless of not having head turning magnificence, she figured out how to make several men begging her to wed them on account of her splendid personality.


Despite the fact that she was not enchanting by any means, her family was rich enough and she was blonde. Her family’s wealth was tremendous; furthermore, the princess was one of the few educated women of the time in Iraq.

She was so brilliant and skilled that her family solicited her recommendation on issues of governance and management from an early age.

She had an exceptional capacity in diplomacy, since her method for expression and her capacity to determine disputes in a quiet way avoided numerous conflicts.

Her wealth and intelligence were the two most significant highlights that made her so powerful. The story even expresses that when Anis l-Doleh was of marriage age, she had proposals from at least 150 amorous suitors from the surrounding kingdoms, while 13 of them committed suicide because of her refusal to marry them.

At last, the chosen lover and husband was the Persian ruler Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar who ruled Iran for a long time.


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