My Sunday of Biswarup Mishra

Rashmi Rekha Das, OP

Contemporary theatre artiste Biswarup Mishra is known for reality shows like DID, Boogie Woogie, Dhoom Machale, 1-2- Cha Cha Cha, Jhoom Odisha Jhoom and Dance Dhamal. Biswarup, who is all set to make a debut in Oriya tinsel town shortly, loves watching night shows with friends, especially on Sundays. 


Fitness freak

The dancer starts his Sunday morning with road running. “Going out for a run on the streets offers your body a strong cardio workout that boosts your overall fitness and health. I feel that it offer a successful workout. Thus I go for road running in the Sunday morning”, he maintains.

Late riser

The judge of Dance Odisha Dance ensures to wake up late Sunday. “Though I wake up late, I don’t forget to hit the gym in the evening. I love to stay in shape. For sure,’’ he quips.

Love for Thai food

Biswarup, who has made guest appearance in the movies like Anjali, Pahili Raja and Aiswariya, loves to have some mouth-watering dishes on Sundays. “Sundays are meant to have some tasty dishes. Being a foodie, I make it a point to head for a resturant and binge on Thai food”, he says.

Fun Time

The artiste never forgets to spend quality time with his niece Riya. “Sunday is fun day for me. I visit my sister’s place to have some fun with my cute and sweet niece Riya. I am a huge fan of the eight-year-old. I usually paint and prepare crafts for her,” he reveals. 

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